What to do to gain admission?

This website describes the programmes offered by the college and many other things you need to know as a student of City of London Business College.

Once you have decided on your proposed course of study, simply complete the application form, and return it duly signed to the registrar. A non - refundable registration fee of £65 should accompany your application. Where appropriate the applicant may be invited for an interview on the basis of the information provided on the application form.

Conditional Letter

On production of your completed form and supporting documents the admissions team will review your academic credentials and make an offer (or rejection) to you specifying any outstanding requirements.

Acceptance Letter

Once you have satisfied all outstanding requirements you will be issued an Acceptance Letter.

Enrolment Letter

A Enrolment Letter will be issued once your funding status has been confirmed. In the case of private students the minimum deposit (66') must have been settled.

International Student

The College is not currently enrolling non-EU/UK students. International students may seek enrolment at the Hungary ( or Ghana ( campus.


In line with our mantra of “Quality yet Affordable Tuition”. City-LBC fees are recognised as being extremely competitive within London. Call or email us for our current fee list.

When you have been accepted on your chosen course and have settled the registration Fee (£65), the college will issue you with a conditional acceptance letter.

Students whose fees are paid by their Employer/Sponsor must submit a letter from their employer or relevant institution confirming that the tuition fees will be settled by such employer or institution, as the case may be.
Those using funding for their program must complete the registration process and supply the relevant paperwork confirming approval of fees.
The tuition fees quoted are exclusive of books, exams or awarding body registration fees unless otherwise stated. Students are also advised to obtain membership with the relevant Awarding Organisation for the particular Course of Study and pay examination fees on time in order to be eligible to sit for a particular examination.

Examinations are normally held twice per year. Most vocational and short courses examinations may be held four (4) to six (6) times each year. Students will be advised as to the duties for future examinations during the term time.
Students wishing to avail themselves of payment by instalments should contact the registrar. Payment can be made by cheques or credit transfer. Payment by cash can be made to the cashier during office hours. All cheques must be made payable to "City of London Business College".

Code Of Acceptance

  • All students are required to attend all classes and tutorials timetabled for the period for which they are enrolled. The student accepts that failure to maintain an 80% minimum attendance rate will result in disciplinary action and may lead to termination of enrolment.
  • Absence due to illness must be supported by a medical certificate.
  • Any leave should be approved by CityLBC prior to the leave. During term time CityLBC will not grant leave of absence for any reason.
  • Students agree to purchase the recommended text books and pay for registration to the appropriate awarding bodies to support their course.
  • Students may not change, defer or withdraw from a chosen course without written consent from CityLBC.
  • The Principal reserves the right to dismiss any student whose behaviour infringes the rights of any other member or jeopardises the general operation of the College.
  • The Principal reserves the right to dismiss any student whose behaviour infringe the rights of any other member or jeopardises the general operation of the College.
  • Students are expected to pay 100% tuition fees for the first year before an unconditional offer letter will be issued? In exceptional circumstances the college may accept an initial deposit of sixty-six percent (66%) of the 1st year fee.
  • All fees are subject to a non refundable registration fee of £65.00.
  • Fees once paid are non-refundable except in the event of:
    I. CityLBCs cancellation of the chosen course of study.
    II. CityLBC declining the application of the student.
    III. Visa refusal.
  • CityLBCs refund policy is as follows:
    I. Students wishing to claim a refund must submit a written request.
    II. CityLBC will retain £65.00 to cover administration costs and the remaining balance will be refunded to the student or student representative with written consent.
    III. In the case of visa refusal details of the written visa decision must be submitted to CityLBC and the refund must be claimed within 12 months of the dated refusal document.
    IV. Overseas students who obtain a visa and then do not join the college will not be entitled to a refund of fees.
    V. Once a student commences a course there will be no entitlement to a refund of fees.
  • Personal Statement. This Statement should contain information such as: why the course has been chosen, connection with previous studies and experience, potential benefit of the course to applicant etc. (200 words).
  • Sponsor contract/letter must be signed and received by the college.
  • Certified Academic qualifications and copy of transcript must be submitted.
  • Applicants must disclose all material facts, i.e previous UK entry visa application/rejection (if any) and date of application/rejection. Failure to disclose the information here will render the application null and void and disqualify the applicant from any entitlement to a refund of fees paid.
  • Any forged or illegal documents presented will render application null and void and will disqualify the applicant from any entitlement to a refund of fees paid.
  • Signing this document indicates acceptance of the CityLBCs term and conditions.
  • Sponsor contract/letter must be signed and received by the college.

Our Schools


  • My name is Calisha Cadette and I came to Clbc to achieve qualifications in Hairdressing NVQ LV3. I decided to attend Clbc as they were the only college who got back to me quick and did an intake in March other colleges said I had to wait till September. Whilst doing the course I did find it difficult and challenging but having the support of the college day and night by email or phone calls, from tutor to admin. During my course I was sent on various workshops, which were fun and helped me successfully achieve my qualification. I then spoke to my teacher and told her my dreams and I asked her what do I do next to working towards my dreams, which was to teach students hairdressing. So I then went on to do my A1 Assessors course at the college. Working closely with my mentor and assessor and helping my students achieve their qualification in hairdressing. I was in my element. Overall I would recommend Clbc for the quick admissions, the help and support they give to you, there are various courses available and they do a lot of team building (by that I mean getting to know other students from other courses), by doing outings eg Paris. Calisha Cadette

  • Studying at City of London Business College was one of the best experiences I have ever encountered. From day one the staff were supportive and welcoming, they make you feel like part of the family. Coming from a media background, and changing to the health sector was a big challenge for me to take but my meeting at the college made me realize that change is nothing to be afraid of and talking to the staff also helped to encourage me to move forward and knowing that I have one hundred per cent support from their team. So far I have recommended a few friends of mine to experience what I experienced and I will continue to wave the city of CLBC flag all the way!.Apart from studying, there were full of fun and there were also adventures for their staff and students. I was privileged to take part in the trip to Paris, and I can imagine what the future holds for their future students Yolanda Daniel

  • After some time in Administration, I joined The City of London Business College for Health and Social Care (Level 3) in 2014. Being new to the Health Sector, at first I was a bit nervous, however I got a lot of support from very experienced lecturers who were always there for me. The support I got from my lecturers and colleagues together with the facilities available in the College helped me to build up my confidence and enabled me to do all my modules and placements on time and with joy.
    After my second placement, I was hired by a Care Home where I did my placement and I worked there for some time and later on I was hired by three Agencies on temporary contracts.
    I am now in full time employment with Barts Health Bank Partners where I am enjoying my work to the maximum.
    Thank you City of London Business College for making me what I am today Steven Yiga