Current Students

Current Students

Academic Calendar 2016/2017

Below is a list of term dates for the 2016/17 Academic Sessions.

Future Intake Dates

  • 19th September 2016
  • 31th October 2016
  • 9th January 2017
  • 20th February 2017
  • 24th April 2017
  • 5th June 2017
  • 31st August 2017 (TBC)

Term Time

  • 19th September 2016 - 16th December 2016
  • 9th January 2017 - 7th April 2017
  • 24th April 2017 - 21st July 2017

Half Term

  • 24th October 2016 - 28th October 2016
  • 13th February 2017 - 17th February 2017
  • 29th May 2017 - 2nd June 2017

Vacation Period

  • 17th December 2016 - 8th January 2017
  • 8th April 2017 - 23rd April 2017
  • 22nd July 2017 - 17th September 2017


  • My name is Calisha Cadette and I came to Clbc to achieve qualifications in Hairdressing NVQ LV3. I decided to attend Clbc as they were the only college who got back to me quick and did an intake in March other colleges said I had to wait till September. Whilst doing the course I did find it difficult and challenging but having the support of the college day and night by email or phone calls, from tutor to admin. During my course I was sent on various workshops, which were fun and helped me successfully achieve my qualification. I then spoke to my teacher and told her my dreams and I asked her what do I do next to working towards my dreams, which was to teach students hairdressing. So I then went on to do my A1 Assessors course at the college. Working closely with my mentor and assessor and helping my students achieve their qualification in hairdressing. I was in my element. Overall I would recommend Clbc for the quick admissions, the help and support they give to you, there are various courses available and they do a lot of team building (by that I mean getting to know other students from other courses), by doing outings eg Paris. Calisha Cadette

  • Studying at City of London Business College was one of the best experiences I have ever encountered. From day one the staff were supportive and welcoming, they make you feel like part of the family. Coming from a media background, and changing to the health sector was a big challenge for me to take but my meeting at the college made me realize that change is nothing to be afraid of and talking to the staff also helped to encourage me to move forward and knowing that I have one hundred per cent support from their team. So far I have recommended a few friends of mine to experience what I experienced and I will continue to wave the city of CLBC flag all the way!.Apart from studying, there were full of fun and there were also adventures for their staff and students. I was privileged to take part in the trip to Paris, and I can imagine what the future holds for their future students Yolanda Daniel

  • After some time in Administration, I joined The City of London Business College for Health and Social Care (Level 3) in 2014. Being new to the Health Sector, at first I was a bit nervous, however I got a lot of support from very experienced lecturers who were always there for me. The support I got from my lecturers and colleagues together with the facilities available in the College helped me to build up my confidence and enabled me to do all my modules and placements on time and with joy.
    After my second placement, I was hired by a Care Home where I did my placement and I worked there for some time and later on I was hired by three Agencies on temporary contracts.
    I am now in full time employment with Barts Health Bank Partners where I am enjoying my work to the maximum.
    Thank you City of London Business College for making me what I am today Steven Yiga