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QCF LEVEL 4 Diploma in Advice and Guidance

QCF Level 4 Certificate in Advice and Guidance

Who is this for?

This qualification is ideal if you are an experienced practitioner who works with clients, passing on information, support, advice, guidance and formal advocacy. Candidates at this level must have managerial and/or training responsibilities.

What will I study?

The diploma level 4 is made up of mandatory and optional units. The total credit value needed to achieve the qualification is 37 Credits. (17 credits from the five mandatory units and 20 credits from the optional units pathway.)

The 5 mandatory units are as follows:

  • Develop interactions with advice and guidance clients
  • Manage personal case load
  • Evaluate and develop own contribution to the service
  • Operate within networks
  • Understand importance of legislation and procedures

Course Details

How long is the Course?
Duration of course is 12 months
What are the entry requirement?

Learners do not need formal entry requirements for this qualification. Candidates must be over 18 years old. The key requirements for this qualification, candidates must be working within Management, be creators of information, advice and guidance within the service, be dynamic in their dealings with the organisation.

Mandatory Entry Requirements?
  • Interview and assessment
  • Agreement Letter from employer
  • CV
  • Job description
What is the fee?

Applicants may be eligible to full or partly funded training. 24+Advance Loan is also available for level 3 training and above (please enquire for more details)
For any further information about the course please do hesitate to contact us on 0208 800 6621 E-mail: admin@citylbc.com