Hairdressers One Of The ‘Most Trusted Professions’

Here’s good news for all of you out there looking into going into hairdressing school in London – research has just revealed that the profession is one of the most trusted out there, just behind doctors, teachers, judges and scientists.

Figures from pollsters Ipsos MORI show that 89 per cent of people trust doctors to tell the truth, 86 per cent trust teachers to do so, 80 per cent trust judges to be honest, 79 per cent think scientists will be so and 69 per cent think hairdressers tell the truth.

On the other hand, just 21 per cent of Brits would trust politicians to be truthful, compared with 25 per cent who trust journalists and estate agents, and the 42 per cent who trust builders.
Director of the Social Research Institute at Ipsos MORI Bobby Duffy said that professions like the clergy have also seen a long-term drop in trust levels. When the series was first started in 1983, the clergy were in fact the most trusted profession of them all.

“But it’s not all bad news – some groups have increased their level of trust, including some who are significantly up over recent years, like civil servants. This seems to be driven by younger groups being much more trusting, maybe reflecting the different context they’ve grown up in – a post-Yes Minister era,” he added.

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Date Posted: 3rd Feburary 2016