Top 10 Recommendations From The Self-Employment Review

People in business school in London intending to start their own company later down the line will no doubt be interested to read the recommendations made by Julie Deane OBE, founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company, in her independent review of self-employment here in the UK.

These include providing better skills training and education for young people to prepare them for how self-employment may feature in their lives.

In addition, she recommended improving access to advice and support, offering more flexible finance solutions like pensions and mortgages, and ensuring that the government gives the self-employed equal treatment and recognition.

Ms Deane has also called for a better legal definition of what self-employment means, improved legislation and administration, impact assessments for self-employed people, a more in-depth look at resolving tax issues, increased accessibility to shared workspaces, and for trade bodies to advocate new software and technology for self-employed people to their members.

“I was honoured to have been asked by the Prime Minister to oversee this review of self-employment in the UK. With record numbers representing 15 per cent of the workforce and growing, the self-employed is a diverse and important sector. Having long been part of this group I wanted my recommendations to be both practical and impactful. I believe I have accomplished that,” Ms Deane said.

Choosing to retrain and set up your own business can be scary, but the key is all in preparation. Going on a specific business course would always be recommended so you know what to expect in your first year as an entrepreneur. Give us a call here at City of London Business College to find out more.

Date Posted: 16th Feburary 2016